Hey there!!  I’m Zoë and just recently, I returned home from an epic trip of a lifetime.  I spent a whole year living in China, followed by 10 months travelling through South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand using savings I had earned in my jobs leading up to setting off.

I thrive on doing crazy/adventurous/exciting new things in different places around the world… taking Kung Fu lessons at the Shaolin Temple (the home of kung fu!!), trekking in the Himalayas, working with lion/leopard cubs in Thailand, skydiving over lakes in New Zealand… and I soon hope to add, taking a real hip hop tour (and maybe dance class?!) in New York City – the birthplace of hip hop culture!!

For the record… my life wasn’t always this exciting!! I spent the first 21 years of my life conforming to societal “norms” and suppressing my own dreams in order to live the life other people wanted for me.  The great thing, about having lived this lifestyle, is having the comparison to realise just how much happier I can be when I’m able to finally break free from that matrix and use my own creativity to create the kind of life I want.

My main aim, with this blog, is to encourage and inspire you – if you feel like you have the “perfect life”… the  “perfect” job, the “perfect” partner, the “perfect” house… yet you still feel restless and unhappy – I’d like you to join me as I delve way into the deep end once again and enter into this new chapter of my life – entrepreneurship!!

I welcome and encourage you to get involved with my site… I love talking about travelling and/or going out and living the life you’ve always dreamed – and I would love to hear your personal stories/feedback/opinions on any of the content within this site!