Imminent NYC trip!

I’m ridiculously excited to announce that, tomorrow, I’ll be jetting off to New York… ripe and ready for my marathon on Sunday!!  I’ve been training for almost 16 weeks (and planning for about 8!!), and it’s finally race week!!

Airchair Louvre

A picture from my brief history in “bgirl”ing!!! Freeze at the Louvre, Paris

The plan, for this imminent NYC trip, is to fly into JFK, then straight to Buffalo and onwards to my hotel just across the border in Canada… Thurs will be spent exploring the Niagara Falls (with a short training run wherever I can fit it in!!), Fri is our flight back to NYC, Saturday we currently just have a Hip Hop tour booked which I’m pretty excited about (due to my brief history with “bgirl”ing – breakdancing for those who don’t know the lingo).  Sunday will be the NYC marathon itself!! :/ The next couple of days will be spent exploring NYCs incredible sights, hopefully with a stop off at Broadway somewhere along the way!! 😀

Be expecting some Niagara/NYC blogs/tutorials/activity reviews coming your way over the next few weeks!! 😀

Have you ever been to Niagara or NYC? Or do you live there?  Do you have any recommendations on things to see or places to visit?  Any last minute advice for race day?  If so, please join in the conversation in the comments below…!! 🙂

Love, Magic and Fairy Dust 😉

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