4 steps to happiness

There are so many blogs/articles/books out there on how to achieve happiness – I personally believe there are 4 steps to happiness… and that, for a happy, fulfilled life, we must learn how to balance all 4 of these core elements…

1. Love <3


When it comes to ourselves, we are, so often, our own worst critics… we notice our mistakes/flaws so much easier than anyone else that may pass through our lives.  If our best friend said, even half, the stuff some of us say to ourselves, (I’d certainly hope) they would be out of our lives in a shot.  Our self-talk is SO important for our self-esteem – and if we make a decision to really stop and think about the things we say to ourselves, and to literally change these thoughts, to something more positive, we would become infinitely happier.  Be as kind to yourself as you are to your best friends!!

Love Others

I’m not just talking about your friends and family here, I’m talking everyone you come across… treat others as you wish to be treated – when you love yourself, this will become SO much easier.  This means being friendly, non-judgemental and helpful in every interaction with another person.  Accept people as they are – let’s face it, pobody’s nerfect! (Not even me!!) 😛

If someone treats you bad, just cut out interactions with them… that’s their karma to correct!!

Ever seen a person bullying another, or laughing at someone else behind their back?? It’s a pretty ugly thing to see, right? and you certainly don’t feel good/happy watching it… loving yourself and others will automatically make you more a beautiful person… you’ll radiate this inexplicable warmth for yourself and others – so make it your mission to practice this every day and to make it a habit in your life.

2. Health & Fitness


Let’s face it, no overweight person actually wants to be overweight, right?  When you become a little more conscious of what you eat and when, you’ll start to realise just how much you currently overeat… take notice of when you eat and when you’re actually hungry.  Really make an effort to listen to your bodies signals – when you’re hungry or when you’re full, and don’t just eat that cake because it “looks yum”!!

If you’re upset/tired/stressed, don’t eat to fill the void or keep yourself going, cry/sleep/take some time out for yourself – emotional eating doesn’t, and never will, fix your problems… you just feel worse, because the problem still remains, but now you feel guilty on top of that!!

Aim to eat foods that fill you up rather than sugary foods that give you a spike/burst, followed by a crash.  Fibre is great for filling you up for longer periods, aim to snack on fruit or carrots rather than chocolate, cakes or biscuits.


When you exercise, your body feels stronger – you feel invigorated and it can even improve your sex life!! 😉  There’s a whole bunch of evidence that shows physical activity can significantly reduce your risks of numerous health conditions later in life.

Start slow… if you haven’t done any exercise for a long while, begin with walking and just do what you can – maybe take a pedometer with you and aim to do a little more everyday, vary your routes so you don’t get bored.  Some other ideas could be; take the stairs instead of the lift at work, cycle (or run) to places close by instead of using the car, when you want to meet you friends why not try a game of tennis rather than a sedentary cinema trip??

3. Spiritual

This one’s more about your mind and making sure you take some time out for yourself… do something you enjoy alone – read a book, meditate, stay in tune with your emotions, thoughts and physical experiences and generally give your mind a chance to catch up with the various events that have been going on in your life.  Make time to get to know yourself… what makes you tick, what things do you enjoy, what kind of people do you enjoy hanging out with?

Take note of the thoughts that pass through your mind… are they kind? thankful? positive?  If not, make a real effort to change them.

4. Pursuit of Goals

If you’re not pursuing dreams/learning something, it’s really easy to get comfortable and to allow your life to stagnate – I tend to think this is the kind of territory where people get bored and can begin to look outside themselves for other fulfilment or excitement.

A lot of people aim for the pursuit of happiness, but I tend to flip that to the happiness of pursuit… so allow your crazy, childish dreamer back to the surface, I know he/she is in there somewhere!!

I believe a balanced lifestyle, between all of the 4 aspects listed above, is the core foundation to a happy life.  You may have noticed a theme of “self” going on throughout each avenue here – this is, without a doubt, the most important part.  Never forget how important YOUARE… you cannot truly love another until you truly love yourself.

…finally, don’t forget to just smile!! 😀

My current pursuit is mainly business, because I know this will eventually give me the freedom I want for ALL of the above aspects – it’ll help me achieve the kind of independence I dream of for my future family, health/lifestyle AND the pursuit of my other dream, having time and location independence and travelling the world as and when I like!! 🙂

What are your current goals in life?  What kind of life would you dream of having if anything was possible??

Love, Magic and Fairy Dust 😉

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