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Product Overview – Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

This book adopts a 13-step approach to success and wealth – and happens to be a classic amongst the bestseller lists.  The books main focus is to teach it’s readers how to think like, what most would regard as, some of the worlds’ most successful people – and thus, follow in their footsteps.  It’s been circulating around, in various different edits, since 1937 – and it’s still just as popular and relevant, now, as it was back then.

Inspiration is built into the chapters, throughout the book, in order to back-up Hill’s principles/steps… Whilst the original version of Think and Grow Rich includes stories of some of Napoleon Hills’ contemporaries (such as Thomas Edison and Henry Ford), some of the newer edits have been updated to contain more recent members of our more current ‘elite’ society (like Bill Gates).

Is This Book for You?

First of all, if you’re already sceptical, or, for that matter, perfectly happy with the amount of money you currently earn, I really wouldn’t bother even reading this review any further… If you’re looking for some get rich quick tips, this book won’t be for you – success, in any field, takes time and dedication.

If, however, you would like to take advantage of certain opportunities that life, in this day and age, has to offer… such as travelling the world, or learning that new skill you’ve always wanted  – AND you don’t, currently, have the money to do these things, Think and Grow Rich could be for you.  This book is for those that are dedicated to building a good foundation and are willing to follow guidance from someone who’s, evidently, already earnt their stripes.

But, Wait, Money Can’t Buy Me Happiness…

Some people might argue that this book isn’t for them because they don’t believe money is the route to happiness…  Others have concerns that some of  the information presented is simply pseudo-science and, thus, not really based on factual scientific evidence.

My Opinions and Conclusion

I think the book is well laid out and, aside from a pretty slow start, once the book actually gets going on it’s principles it has some fairly useful wisdom and inspiration amongst the pages.  One or two of the principles are, admittedly, fairly obvious (work-hard, persist), but amongst these, lie some interesting and thought-provoking ideas also (sixth sense, transmutation of sexual energy etc.).

If you’re currently saying the above heading to yourself, I’d have to argue that maybe you’re just spending your money wrong?  This is just my personal opinion – feel free to discuss the subject further in the comments below…

…I would wholehearted agree with you that material objects won’t give us the happiness we desire deep down, however, what we spend our money on is our choice, right?!  If we actually choose to spend our money in more positive ways – such as; on the people we love, on helping others, even on personal experiences as opposed to possessions… we ALL had dreams once, right?  To learn to figure skate, to see the world, even just to lead a simple life free of every day financial worries (how to feed your kids and keep a roof over their heads)… if we earn enough, maybe we can even do these things with the people we love and help others that we meet along the way!!

In my opinion, happiness is found when we have the freedom to be completely ourselves… including that child-like part of you who enjoys trying new things and being creative… and, ultimately, believes anything is possible.  Unfortunately, in this day and age, we generally need money to do all these exciting things.

As a final point, it’s important to start out with this book with an open mind… you don’t have to want to be a millionaire for this book to be of use to you… YOU define what “rich” means to you – your goal could be to be a millionaire, it could be to earn a modest £2000/month… obviously, the former would be likely to take longer to reach and require a good deal more dedication – but all you really need is a vision of what you want to achieve, financially, and, by following the steps and completing the exercises provided, I think this book really could help you get there.


I hope you enjoyed this review.  If you have any questions about Think and Grow Rich or any of the ideas in this article… or even if you just want to leave your own reviews/opinions on the book, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Love, Magic and Fairy Dust 😉

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